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Each year, UPPO recognizes the hard work and dedication of association members whose efforts contributed to the success of UPPO and the unclaimed property profession throughout the past year. They deserve recognition and appreciation for their hard work, leadership, teamwork and passion.


Super Nova Award

UPPO’s highest honor, the Super Nova award is normally reserved for someone who is either retiring or stepping back after many years of service.

  • 2020: John Coalson, Debbie Zumoff
  • 2018: Sam Schaunaman
  • 2017: Kendall Houghton
  • 2015: Laura Lane
  • 2014: Ron Burgess
  • 2013: Marcella Easly

President's Award

This award, chosen by the association’s president, honors a member who has taken on a huge task or project that will help change or improve the unclaimed property profession for years to come.

  • 2020: Mike Ryan, Marilyn Henry
  • 2019: Robert Joseph, Carla McGlynn
  • 2018: Karen Anderson, Heela Popal
  • 2017: Christopher B. Powers, Dana Terry
  • 2016: Kendall Houghton, Debbie Zumoff
  • 2015: Karen Anderson
  • 2014: Ethan Millar
  • 2013: Kendall Houghton

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit may be given to a member company that has made an outstanding contribution to UPPO to further its mission.

  • 2019: True Partners, Alson & Bird
  • 2018: Alston & Bird; Bailey Cavalieri; McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter
  • 2017: Karen Anderson, Ethan Millar, John Coalson, Diann Smith, Charolette Noel, Michael Houghton, Debbie Zumoff
  • 2016: Alston & Bird; Reed Smith; Bailey Cavalieri; McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter
  • 2015: Reed Smith, Alston & Bird

Shining Star Award

The Shining Star Award honors UPPO members for “shining brightly to help guide the way.”

  • 2020: Sara Lima, Brian McCarthy, Michael Unger, Kath Shemwell, Suzy Emre, David Glad, Cherish Simmons, Sonja Roman-Molina, Jeff Pickel
  • 2019: David Knott, Jim Harris, Randy Hotz, Dana Terry, Jen Borden, Pam Wentz, Michelle Andre, Sonia Walwyn, Nora O’Connor
  • 2018: David Knott, Jim Harris, Jason Higginbotham, Ann Loperfito, Jeannette Badalucco, Will King, Leigh Underwood, Robert Joseph, Eric Mauldin
  • 2017: Cathy Del Re, Emily Ford, Michelle Andre, Sara Lima, Jeff Pickel, Adrianne Counts, Justin Boroch, Ann Fulmer, Anne Furdon, Jennifer Waryjas
  • 2016: Karen Anderson, Leigh Underwood, Jon-Paul Descloux, Chris Hopkins, John Hallack-Stryker, Chris Powers, Rick Mah
  • 2015: Darren Jack, Mike Ryan, Brenda Mayrack, Cindy Nisley, Michelle Andre, Lori Fitzgerald, Sam Schaunaman, John Coalson
  • 2014: Brenda Mayrack, Jeff Pickel
  • 2013: Jen Fox, Robert Joseph

Team Player Award

This award is presented to volunteers who serve on committees, work diligently on projects that advance the work of their committees and help pull the team together to accomplish their goals.

  • 2020: Jon D'Amato, Jason Higginbotham, Sherri Przybysz
  • 2019: Tom Powers, Ann Fulmer, Sonja Roman-Molina
  • 2018: Jon-Paul Descloux, Emily Ford, Adriane Counts
  • 2017: Sam Schaunaman, Robert Joseph, Cathleen Bucholtz
  • 2016: John Waite, Jennifer Borden, Adriane Counts
  • 2015: Ethan Millar, Becky Stephens
  • 2014: Michelle Andre, Nancy Kovala, Charlotte Noel, Troy Wangen
  • 2013: Cathy Del Re, Sam Schaunaman
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