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Certificate Program Curriculum - Intermediate
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The Unclaimed Property Certificate Program curriculum has been selected and crafted by seasoned unclaimed property professionals. The program is designed to establish knowledge standards for the profession to ensure all participants become effective and confident practitioners.



Pre-Escheat Best Practices (On-demand webinar)

Before presumptive abandonment, what can you do to reduce your unclaimed property liabilities and exposure? This webinar will provide methods for reducing your liabilities pre-escheat, best practices for setting up accounts and insight into maintaining contact with property owners.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify information agents and databases used for RPO or lost contacts.
  • Learn how to refine notices and letters so they aren't considered SPAM.
  • Recognize your weaknesses by capturing meaningful statistics.

Benefit Plans (Recorded Live Webinar)

Many companies offer employment benefits beyond a simple paycheck. So, do companies have a responsibility to report those property types as well? This webinar will explore considerations and nuances surrounding employee benefits as unclaimed property.


Learning objectives:

  • Identify the types of plans that may require evaluation and review.
  • Determine whether ERISA preemption provisions apply.
  • Develop steps for reviewing benefits contracts to determine escheatment responsibilities.

Use of Third-Party Administrators and Impact on Escheat Responsibilities
(Recorded Live Webinar)

Third-party administrators (TPAs) help many unclaimed property holders manage their compliance responsibilities. This webinar will provide insight into managing unclaimed property when a TPA is involved.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand roles and responsibilities when working with a TPA.
  • Determine which records should be retained by the holder rather than the TPA in preparation for an audit.
  • Identify whether escheat responsibilities shift from the TPA to the holder.

Post-Escheat Considerations (Recorded Live Webinar)

Holder responsibilities don't end with property escheatment to the states. This webinar will provide insight into a wide variety of post-escheat considerations, including responding to penalty and interest notices and obtaining waivers; submitting amended and supplemental reports; processing owner claims; and handling late due diligence responses.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn best practices and timing considerations for booking unclaimed property adjusting entries.
  • Understand how to track cleared remittance checks and follow up with states whose checks don't promptly clear.
  • Recognize options for handling and remedying missed compliance deadlines.

Recovery Best Practices (Recorded Live Webinar)

For many companies, unclaimed property represents a labor-intensive and costly requirement. However, it's possible to offset these expenses by seeking and recovering their own unclaimed property. This webinar will provide proactive ways to claim company funds before and after they are escheated to the states.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand state-specific recovery requirements, claim processes and timelines.
  • Learn how to conduct comprehensive research to identify unclaimed property.
  • Evaluate whether to involve third parties and understand how to avoid fraud.

Policies & Procedures (Recorded Live Webinar)

Developing, maintaining and using comprehensive policies and procedures are important steps in a holder’s compliance efforts. This webinar will provide methods for creating an unclaimed property policies and procedures manual and establishing best practices to minimize audit risks and unclaimed property exposure areas.


Learning objectives:

  • Understand specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Learn about the essential components to include in a policies and procedures manual.
  • Develop practices to ensure the manual remains a useful, current document.

The Ins & Outs of Your GL (On-demand webinar)
General Ledger accounts can be complex sources of unclaimed property. Suspense accounts, royalties, mineral proceeds, write-off accounts, unapplied cash, garnishments and employee benefits are just a few of the GL accounts that can be easily overlooked when searching for unclaimed property. This webinar will help you learn how to identify and analyze GL accounts where unclaimed property may be easily overlooked.


Learning objectives:

  • Learn best practices when closing one GL account and opening another.
  • Understand the intricacies of using an unclaimed property GL account rather than maintaining it on separate accounts payable, accounts receivable and other ledgers.
  • Evaluate the implications of M&A transactions.

The Devil is in the Details (On-demand webinar)

When facing an unclaimed property audit, accurate books and records are essential to demonstrating unclaimed property compliance and determining any liabilities. This webinar will help you develop steps to ensure books and records are complete and what is necessary to prove that completeness to the auditors.


Learning objectives:

  • Identify types of documents to retain, format of the information and the appropriate time period for maintaining records.
  • Examine the types of information typically maintained by accounting, human resources, finance, information systems and legal departments.
  • Learn about options for reasonable estimation/extrapolation and audit settlements.

Estimation Under Audits and VDAs (Recorded Live Webinar)


Holders under examination or participating in a VDA may be subject to estimated liabilities. Explore methodologies and considerations, and learn how states differ in their approaches.


Exemptions and Deductions (Recorded Live Webinar)


Exemptions provide holders with the ability to reduce their unclaimed property liability. Learn how to identify and correctly apply exemptions and deductions, and understand the role of FASB standards.

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